Kara’s Back to School Haul Featuring Arizona Jean Co.

Are your kids getting excited about going back to school? School starts in less than 2 weeks for Utah kids! I know not everyone’s kids are as excited as our Kara girl… She’s been saying since the day after school got out, how excited she was to be in first grade next year. This year she get’s to play on the big kid playground in the back of the school!

Summertime is fun for her but she seriously loves school, not just getting to socialize with her friends but the academics too. She’s the type to easily bore if she’s not being challenged, and she would be the first to admit that summer can be boring if her whole day isn’t planned out for her. She’s the total opposite of me and her dad, haha! But these are all good characteristics to have, and we always make sure to remind her that it’s okay to love school!

Some things I always remember about heading back to school when I was younger was back to school shopping. Picking out what seemed like a whole new wardrobe and picking some new shoes. Daniel (my husband) also has fun memories of doing this when he was younger, and so we try to make it a point to make sure back to school shopping is a big and fun event for our kids. This year was kind of different compared to last, our little girl is becoming quite independent and has her OWN opinions about her style and what is appropriate to wear to school… She’s only 6! haha. Here’s a list straight from Kara of her top fashion tips for back to school:

  1. Jeans are TOO hot for summer, buy jeans now while they’re on sale but wait till it gets cool to wear them!
  2. Loose jeans are way more comfy than skin tight jeans, how will she be expected to sit crisscross if her pants are too tight!?
  3. You have to wear shorts or spanks under your dresses and skirts because nobody wants to see your mahi (underwear) when you’re doing the monkey bars!
  4. Sandals are cute but not to wear at school, she’ll try mom and dad’s choice of Vans next year, but this year its all about the Converse for her!
  5. Two buns are better than one!


Items not shown in pictures: Arizona Jean Co Jeggings, Arizona Denim Bermuda Shorts, Arizona Embellished Denim Bermuda Shorts

Items in Pictures: Arizona Denim Jeggings, Arizona Short Sleeve Striped Ruffle Tee, Arizona Cold Shoulder Button-Front Ruffle Shirt, Arizona Short Sleeve Graphic Tee

To shop Kara’s back to school wardrobe check out the links above. Kara and I both, love Arizona Jean Co. Their jeans are such high quality I know they will handle all her tough play through out the whole school year, which is important when you have 3 kids and are trying to live on a budget! I also love that they make Bermuda shorts… Kara is so long and tall and I have a hard time letting my mommy heart let her wear short shorts. It’s great that they have such a wide selection of modest shorts to choose from. Something Kara loves, is that she can choose from traditional jeans to jeggings, she can be picky especially when her pants are too tight, so having the option of a stretch waistband is a must. I seriously don’t think there is anything that Arizona doesn’t make, they have a wide variety of shirts to choose from, anything from graphic tees to semi dress shirts to button downs and ruffles. Their wide variety and quality of clothing is why I will always love and trust their brand.

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